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Web-Site Design

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buddytek the website company

Buddytek is a professional web development company located in the greater Los Angeles County area that offers web development, ecommerce, flash multimedia, and a host of graphic arts and design services.
Buddytek is a robust company that strives to satisfy its customers. If you need a full blown design from start to finish or if you already have an existing site that needs to be updated, we can answer all of your needs.

The business techniques used by Buddytek have been tested and proven for the past 15 years.  We have built a reputation for creating a positive return for our client’s investments, both with our designs and with our web applications.  If you are serious and ready to grow your business both on and off the web; Buddytek is the web development company for you.


Web Templates

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buddytek the website company

The web templates that we develop are designed and made to stand up to the rigors and demands of today’s technological demands. All templates are tested and meet the high standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C); the international community standards on which all web content is set. Our templates are also made with the end user in mind. Ensuring that all users of our content will get the information quality and experience that they deserve.


New Services

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